Mandi Fine

Megan Nethercote

  • Trained in Branding and Communications
    (BCom Marketing and Brand Communication Honours, University of Johannesburg)
  • Employed at Apple IMC Africa to support media relations and manage seed unit programme
  • Launched Nintendo back into the South African market in 2008
  • TEDx speaker: “The more data we unpack, the more storytellers we need”
  • 2020 AME Awards Grand Jury (Middle East and Africa)

Rizwana Bawa

Rizwana has worked in strategic communications for over two decades. Her work has focused on organisational change and strategic positioning. Rizwana’s strength lies with seeing the big picture, and strategically working and building relationships with clients. She is passionate about doing what she can to ensure that human rights are protected.

Tanya Norton

Tanya has over 20 years’ experience as a Management Consultant, Business Unit Director and Senior Strategist, working in the UK and South Africa on local and global brands. An expert in workshop facilitation, brand storytelling, data analysis, big picture thinking and training, Tanya has a passion for helping brands communicate more effectively and tell more authentic brand stories.

Tanya Kahanovitz

Tanya has 29 years of experience working in large as well as small advertising and communication agencies. Getting to know all the “ins and outs” and best-fit systems and solutions to ensure smooth running across all facets of a company. From traffic to production, general operations and full project management. Tanya is a team player who enjoys working out the details to ensure success across the spectrum.

Arora Walter

Arora started her career as brand manager for a global retail brand, leading the tactical implementation of marketing strategies. She translates strategy and concepts into actionable steps and tangible outputs.

Buyi Makhoba-Dlamini

Buyi has a decade of experience in the NGO strategic communications and campaign space – assisting NGOs in securing funding for sustainable projects. She has an ability to connect with people at all levels. Her insight into the ‘human’ side of communications and her ‘can-do’ attitude enables her to build long-lasting connections and strong, trusted relationships with clients.

Candice Kenloff

Candice is a results-driven professional with a diverse background in account management and executive assistance. Candice excels in effectively liaising between clients and senior management, ensuring seamless communication and alignment of objectives. Her ability to multi-task, prioritise, and thrive in fast-paced environments has consistently positioned her as a trusted partner in driving business growth and maintaining operational efficiency.

Cherice Len

Cherice has over 20 years’ experience in FINE. With her love for numbers, spreadsheets and attention to detail Cherice ensures that FINE finances run smoothly and the FINE team runs optimally.