Mandi Fine

Bringing her clinical and scientific training together with her communication experience, the Founder and CEO of F/NE provides strategic insights to large local and global brands. Her ability to understand the detail whilst still providing strategic direction is what helps to create the F/NEst.

Mandi knows it’s going to be a F/NE day when it starts with walking shoes or a yoga mat. She sees herself as a creative entrepreneur who enjoys having Meaningful and Soulful Conversations (MSc Physiology Nutrition/Neuroscience). Her F/NEst moment was when she realized that she did not have to do it alone and could do it with a team that had multidisciplinary skills.

Megan Nethercote

Meg’s understanding of the importance of identity and brand originated at Apple in marketing and communications.

As the F/NE conceptual storyteller, Meg has a strong grasp of the ‘power of the human story’ in accessing people’s hearts and minds to effect behaviour change and create alignment around common purpose and values.

Meg’s effusive energy and disruptive thinking style enables her to galvanise people to successfully deliver large-scale, global change programmes – she makes large companies feel like connected communities through the power of hope and imagination.


Kim combines her business and psychological experience and qualifications in people strategic facilitation, leadership development, team cohesion, and transformation.

Having worked as an investment analyst with HSBC and then as the investor relations executive at Standard Bank, Kim has operated at the highest levels in corporate systems and on corporate transactions, gaining an in-depth understanding into the builders and breakers within organisational teams. Kim’s psychological specialisation is in identity construction, both from a leadership and team perspective.


Tanya is a highly experienced Brand Strategist with a background in Management Consulting and Advertising. Tanya graduated from Oxford University with an MA in Human Sciences. She has held a series of senior positions at agencies in London and Johannesburg and has worked on a range of global and local brands across retail, telecoms, media, biotech, FMCG and consumer healthcare.

She is well known for helping entrepreneurs and SMEs understand the importance of brands and the value of branding as a business tool. Tanya is passionate about helping companies tell more compelling, authentic and impactful brand stories.


With 20 years of consulting experience, Jonti is a leadership coach who works with conscious executives and their teams to accelerate business outputs. Using his unique mix of ontology and business science he has created value for clients. He sits on the Faculty of Walmart Corporate University as well as Group 5 Academy.

He is at his F/NEST when he is combining teaching, coaching while unpacking and assisting his clients to create their future. He knows he’s going to have a F/NE day when he inspires someone and who in turn creates their future after interacting with him and of course, leaves some Rands in his account.


Wendy’s interpersonal dexterity enables her to facilitate conversation and engage with multiple audiences across various demographics. Classically trained in marketing and communication, Wendy’s natural ability to challenge the status quo enables her to push the boundaries in terms of messaging and communication channels. 

Wendy forms the hub of our team – as our millennial and F/NE client face, she adds significant value through her extensive experience in having managed leading brand campaigns from concept phase to post-launch support.


Trained in strategic corporate communication with experience in managing leading brands in the b2b market and consumer market in South Africa. Arora has the ability to conceptualise brand strategies into consumer journey.

Her understanding of new media channels and the digital landscape makes her a valuable asset to the team. He exceptional work ethic and total commitment to getting the job done are an integral part of the F/NE success.